Save the Date:
Saturday, January 27th
6:30 to 8:30 pm
Registration open!
6 Week Session
Sundays, January 14th - February 18th
11:00 am to Noon
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      Together in Motion (TIM)- Yoga Classes
      We still have a few spots left! 
      Autism Society Central Ohio is excited to announce NEW Together in Motion (TIM) - Yoga Classes! TIM will educate the individual and family on the benefits of Yoga, life long skills that can be incorporated into everyday life! Each week the individual will work on:
      • Repeated practice of postures and skills that will build muscle and neurological memories, building on many skills and therapies often used 
      • Creation of tool box of stress reduction skills and weekly practice
      • Body and spatial awareness building for many of our participants work to follow multi step instructions
      6 Week Session
      Sundays, January 14th - February 18th
      11:00 am to Noon
      Centered Yoga + Movement
      Cost $30
      You will receive a mat if this is your first time doing TIM Yoga with us!
      *Each participate needs to have someone stay on site during yoga classes

      Scholarships Available Upon Request

      *Information to help with parking and locating the studio: Park in the municipal parking lot off of New England Ave just west of High Street. Centered Yoga + Movement is located in the northern most building of the lot.  Located in the Kilbourne Shops just above the Pub Out Back.  To get there, walk past the Party Studio and walk through a short tunnel/archway.  Make a left.  You will be facing your destination!