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      Staff and Board

      Managing Director

      Kathi Machle

      Financial Officer

      Marie Crawford

      Information and Referral

      Ginny Bryan


      Patricia Cloppert, Acting President

      Allerga Lewis, Secretary 

      ASCO welcomes new members to its Board of Directors:

      Lori L. Barton is an Intervention Specialist with Columbus City Schools and the parent of an

      adult with ASD.  She has years of experience as an educator of children with special needs and

      a passion for helping families.  She is interested in expanding opportunities for adults with


      Courtland Bishop is CEO of DataField Technology Services in Worthington, Ohio and parent

      of twin sons, one with ASD.  He brings years of business experience to the Board as well as

      a commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion for those with disabilities.

      Michelle Green-Seymour has 25 years of experience in the field of Intellectual and

      Developmental Disabilities, including a stint as Regional Director of Habilitation Services in

      Columbus.  She is committed to the provision of quality disability services to all ages and in

      a broad range of options.

      Gwen Harshaw is also the parent of an adult with ASD and a longtime volunteer for disability

      organizations, including Special Olympics, Goodwill, Food for Good Thought, Aspirations and

      OCALI.  She is passionate about developing opportunities in the arts for those we serve.

      April Lott's son is 13 years old and she has been an active advocate for effective services at both

      a local and statewide level since his diagnosis nearly 10 years ago.  As a single working mother

      (systems analyst) with a background in Political Science and Business, she understands how

      policy and legislation affect individuals and families.